We provide legal and tax advisory services for your real estate investments through our team of licensed attorneys.

When you purchase a property, we check the Property Registry to ensure that there are no liens, draft the sale agreement, review the notarial deed, file stamp duty (pre-owned properties) or value-added tax (newly built properties), and follow the sale process through its registration with the Property Registry.

We also provide tax advise at the time of purchase to optimize the after-tax return on your investments. We ensure compliance with all the applicable local tax laws and review your personal situation to benefit from the applicable double-taxation agreement.

We also provide legal advise for your existing real estate investments, including filing of local taxes, tenant disputes, and condominium relations. If you want to get an income from your real estate investments, we also give tax advise and file your local tax returns.

Pursuant to Act 14/2013, you may apply for legal residence in Spain if you make a real estate investment of at least €500,000 in Spain. Should you be interested in applying for a resident visa, we will file your application and follow the process through until you obtain the status of legal resident in Spain.