Jordi Piqué

A native of Barcelona, Jordi has spent most of his professional career overseas as an executive of a well-known consumer products manufacturer. His business development skills brought him to hold senior positions in Australia and the United States. After being the founder and CEO of the USA affiliate for several years, Jordi moved back to Barcelona where he saw an opportunity to set-up a real-estate investment business, as the city was becoming a destination of choice for international and local real estate investors.

Juan Pujols

A native of Barcelona, Juan has been a senior executive at several blue-chip multinational organizations. During his extensive professional career, Juan has lived in the United States and Brazil where he has held senior positions in finance and business development. Juan has a Law degree (Licenciado) from Universitat de Barcelona, an MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and a PhD in Taxation Law from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Juan is a fully licensed attorney and member of the Barcelona Bar.